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  • Can_diabetes_really_be_reversed

    The Importance of Detoxification

    Posted on Jul 30 / 2014

    Detoxification has become a buzz word in the health world today. I’ve heard the term “detox” applied to everything from herbal cleanses purchased at the local health food store to significant medical programs designed for drug ad ...

  • Summer_BBQ

    Surviving the 4th of July

    Posted on Jul 3 / 2014

    Holidays are always the most difficult times of the year to stay committed to your program. There are just so many choices! And many times, all the choices are bad choices. Navigating Holiday season, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christ ...

  • Can_diabetes_really_be_reversed

    Is Diabetes Really Reversible?

    Posted on Jul 6 / 2013

    Most of our clients have heard at least one doctor tell them that diabetes in a chronic, degenerative condition that gets worse over time, not better. The longer you have diabetes, the more problems you get expect and it’s not a matt ...

  • Food_is_the_best_medicine

    Food Is Your Best Medicine

    Posted on Jul 6 / 2013

    The conventional way of managing type 2 diabetes today is overwhelmingly dominated by pharmaceutical drugs. Most of our clients tell us that the very first line of treatment that was recommended to them when they were diagnosed with di ...