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Our Unique Approach

At SweetLife Diabetes Health Centers, we treat the client, not the disease. We treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.


It starts with a private client interview to determine your goals, needs, and desires as well as your commitment level to improve your health and reverse diabetes. Once accepted into a program, your provider will complete an executive diabetes physical exam and perform comprehensive laboratory assessments. This service, called a D-PLEX, is unique to SweetLife, and goes well beyond the standard conventional doctor’s visit to uncover the root cause of blood sugar imbalance specific to each client.


Our team of physicians, clinicians, and diabetes educators are highly trained in functional medicine and an integrative approach to addressing and reserving type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. They will customize a treatment plan using proven nutritional strategies, stress management, fitness programs individualized to each client, community support groups, and evidence-based nutritional supplementation to create the ultimate program to reverse diabetes and enhance health.


abt02In a recent randomized survey, 83% of our clients were able to achieve better glucose control and significant reductions in HgA1c levels (diabetes blood sugar marker), lost at least 10 pound, many of them much more, and were able to reduce or eliminate many of their medications.* Even more impressively, SweetLife Diabetes Health Centers enjoy a 96% satisfaction rating. Our clients report losing weight, achieving better control of their diet, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol, being less reliant on pharmaceutical drugs, improved sexual function and energy levels, and better sleep.


*Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your prescribing physician.